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Topolis Draws
A place for scribbles!

Probably robots!

Because I read the tags and someone wanted it big!

Honestly sad Rungs make me sad, but yannow. They happen sometimes!

Doodles from the past few weeks!

I’m abysmally terrible at formatting large images for tumblr, I apologize!

Huehaeuhaheh I finished it! It started off as me wanted to draw Rung in one of the endearingly ugly jackets I have and it turned into “let’s see how hipster we can get this to look”.  (●´ω`●) Background is something random from google, sorry!

Have a really silly looking thing for the glasses prompt for jojo 60 mins on twitter!

Glasses are life. Glasses are eternal.

This is probably going to be 90% Rung in a week or two so…sorry in advance…

Makes yet another tumblr… A thing I did for spoopibell !